Kids Green Lantern Costume


This kids Green Lantern costume will turn your child into the great DC Comic hero himself. This muscle chest boys Halloween costume is at a great price.




Kids Green Lantern Costume

One day John Stewart was just an everyday Earthling. Going about his designing buildings and being an all around good guy. Then one day his life changed, a Green Lantern power ring chose him to join the Green Lantern corps. Since that moment John would become a hero that everyone looks up to and goes to when the world needs saving. He even earned himself a spot on the Justice Leauge because of the many times he saved the planet. Now your little one can become just like John in this great Green Lantern costume. Be sure to check out our great superhero accessories to complete the costume!

Kids Green Lantern Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: M | Polyester | RU882391

Kids Green Lantern Costume (Superhero Costumes)