Harlequin Sweetheart Costume


She’s just clowning around in her Harlequin Sweetheart Costume. It’s the ideal choice for a Halloween or costume party.




Harlequin Sweetheart Costume

It used to be that in order to be a clown you had to be one of those sad crying clowns, or silly clown that slips on banana peels. We’d like to offer you a third option. Why not be a cute clown that doesn’t have to do either of those things? This is the dress to do it in! It combines everything a young harlequin could want to be entertaining, but with that adorable cute twist.

Harlequin Sweetheart Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: M/L | Polyester | LE85041

Harlequin Sweetheart Costume (Classic Costumes)