Erotic Deluxe Nun Costume


This Erotic Deluxe Nun Costume will make him shout hail Mary. The naughtiest but nicest way to dress religiously for Halloween!




Erotic Deluxe Nun Costume

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a nun is probably not this nun. In fact, you probably think of those ‘en garde’ old ladies wielding pointer sticks as if they’re about to be in a fencing duel at any moment. They looked nothing like this costume, that’s for sure! This look is probably what the boys in Catholic School were actually daydreaming about all those years in math class… and now you can become the dream for so many with this sexy nun costume! Add a pointer stick, and you might just inspire an internal dichotomy between what they love and what they hate! Real Freudian stuff, here.

Erotic Deluxe Nun Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: M/L | Polyester | MS70326

Erotic Deluxe Nun Costume (Biblical Costumes)