Deluxe Child Wario Costume

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Let your little one become a thorn in Mario’s side in this Deluxe Child Wario Costume. This is a great costume for a Nintendo themed party.




Deluxe Child Wario Costume

I’m-a Wario! I’m-a gonna win! In the Mushroom Kingdom there is one man who is always up to a dastardly plan and that is Wario. This yellow shirted individual has constantly tried to beat Mario at kart racing, golf, and even Olympic games by resorting to some tricks. And now your little one can play some pranks on all the Mushroom Kingdom citizens when he wears this Nintendo themed costume!

Deluxe Child Wario Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: M | Polyester | RU884560

Deluxe Child Wario Costume (Video Game / Toy Costumes)