Deluxe Adult Flash Costume


When running at the speed of sound is just a light jog for you, there’s only one outfit you should be wearing: red with lightning bolts. The deluxe adult Flash costume has all of that going on for it.




Deluxe Adult Flash Costume

Running really fast might not even seem like a super power, but when you have the ability to run as fast as the speed of light (Wally West achieved it once and lived to tell about it), it’s safe to say that the whole superhero thing is for you. The real trick to his amazing ability is lightning bolts on the suit and cowl. Or wait, maybe it was being able to tap into the Speed Force. It’s definitely one of those two things.

Deluxe Adult Flash Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Polyester | RU888079

Deluxe Adult Flash Costume (Superhero Costumes)