Dark Shadows Barnabas Wig


Like Tim Burton, we’re huge fans of Johnny Depp especially when he plays a mysterious vampire. With our selection of Dark Shadows wigs and accessories, you too can transform into the sexy Barnabas Collins. You’ll be Tim Burton approved!




Dark Shadows Barnabas Wig

Before you slip into that Dark Shadows Barnabas Wig here are a few fun facts! 1.The Count from Sesame Street, is partly based on a vampire myth. Throw some mustard seeds outside a door or window, vampires must count them. One…Two.. Three…mustard seeds ahahahaha!2. We know that vampires can turn into wolves, foxes or bats. Did you know they could turn into moth’s as well. Are mothballs the new garlic?3. The idea that sunlight can kill vampires may be a modern idea most likely started around the 1950s.

Dark Shadows Barnabas Wig | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | EL130130

Dark Shadows Barnabas Wig (Classic Costumes)