Birds Nest Hat


Want a hat that shields your eyes from the sun and doubles as a comfy home for birds to live? This Birds Nest Hat is exactly what you need!




Birds Nest Hat

Fun things to do in a birds nest hat: 1: You should most definitely whitewash a picket fence. Darn tootin’! 2: You should fake your own demise and attend your own funeral, just to see what people say about you. Hope you like what you hear!3:You should spend some time anglin’ at the ‘ol fishin’ hole.4: Of course you outta laze about, watching clouds go by while the guy you swindled paints the fence you were supposed to paint (hey, it pays being clever). There’s plenty more things to do, but you gotta come up with a few yourself! Whatever you decide, this genuine bonafide bird’s nest hat will keep the sun out of your eyes and keep you in the shade all the live long day… perfect for those river-faring jaunts up and down the Mississippi.

Birds Nest Hat | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Straw | FO21186

Birds Nest Hat (International Costumes)