Big Tex Cowboy Costume


You’ll look like a funny cowboy in this Big Tex Cowboy Costume. The oversized mens costume is funny for commercial purposes, or just as a funny Halloween costume!




Big Tex Cowboy Costume

The old west was a dangerous place when it was first being settled. There were bandits and outlaws up to no good robing from everyone. This meant that there had to be someone to keep the peace such as a sheriff. Now in some towns the sheriff was so good that crimes wouldn’t happen. That everyday he would go to work and sit in his office waiting for a call to save the day but nothing would ever happen. These law enforcers would then sometimes grow in size and become quite large. So if you were a settler back in the old west days you knew a town was safe if the sheriff a bit a the heavy side!

Big Tex Cowboy Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU880592

Big Tex Cowboy Costume (Indian & Cowboy Costumes)