Adult Friar Tuck Costume


This Adult Friar Tuck Costume is a great adult monk costume for Halloween. Get it for a biblical pageant or for a Renaissance fair.




Adult Friar Tuck Costume

In the legend of Robin Hood there was a man who brought a little faith to merry men of Sherwood Forest and that man was Friar Tuck. This holy man joined up with Robin because he too felt Nottingham was being over-taxed and the poor were being mistreated. Now some say the good Friar was a fighter and some say he was a lover of good ale but all say that he was a great friend to all those in need. Now you can join up with the cause to help out Sherwood and Nottingham in this great storybook costume!

Adult Friar Tuck Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU16824

Adult Friar Tuck Costume (Biblical Costumes)