Adult Deluxe Voltron Costume


Bring to life Voltron, the super robot from the 80s anime TV show Defender of the Universe, when you wear this adult deluxe Voltron costume. This adult deluxe Voltron costume is a great costume idea for Defender of the Universe fans.




Adult Deluxe Voltron Costume

There is one team to call when the universe needs to be defended, the Voltron Force! This group of highly trained cadets have learned how to control their Lion vehicles. But when trouble gets to be over their heads they combine their ships together to create the one and only Voltron. Now you can become the result of machines and teamwork in this classic ’80s costume.

Adult Deluxe Voltron Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester Foam | RU880437

Adult Deluxe Voltron Costume (80’s Costumes)