Adult Bender Costume


When you wear this Adult Bender Costume, you can swear, smoke cigars and do some heavy drinking all in the name of being faithful to the Futurama character. You may also have the sudden urge to steal Fry’s blood.




Adult Bender Costume

Bender Bending Rodriguez is a robot of many talents. He can bend girders to any angle. 30 degrees, 32 degrees, even 31. But that’s not his only talent. His skills also lie in drinking, smoking cigars, larceny (especially when it involves Fry’s blood) and strangely enough, folk singing. It’ exactly the kind of rap sheet that will get a young robot hired at Planet Express. Now, we can’t suggest you do ALL of the things that Bender does while wearing this licensed Futurama costume, because one of two things will probably happen if you do. You’ll either end up in jail, or members of Fathers Against Rude Television (F.A.R.T.) will form an angry mob and show up at Planet Express. We can recommend that you party like it’s 3014 though.

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Size: ST | | FUT8220AD

Adult Bender Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)